Niruddha Yoga & Health Studio

Timeless Mind, Limitless Body

Our Tale

In today’s strenuous & sprinting lifestyle, health & peace of the mind & the body has taken a backseat. Consequently, people struggle to get through the day & also fall prey to various acute & chronic ailments stemming from an unhealthy lifestyle. NYHS strives to heal people worldwide through the yoga therapy, get them to revamp their lifestyles to a more soulful version & help them explore the happier versions of themselves through the magic of Yoga.

Niruddha Yoga & Health Studio is all about staying fit & healthy. We endeavour to be resourceful & purposeful to people worldwide via online classes who value their health, fitness & time. We also have an an immaculate & spacious studio for offline classes with expert therapists amid soothing music & serene routines.

Health is boundless, so why should fitness have limits?

NYHS helps you explore the treasures of your seamless fitness