General Terms and conditions

 Membership Qualification:

Any individual 5years of age or older, of good character, and proven financial responsibility, without regard to race, sex, ethnic background or religion, is eligible for membership at Niruddha. Membership in Niruddha includes a member’s right to utilize the facility within the frame work of these Terms and Conditions and in accordance with Niruddha’s Rules and Regulations, which may change from time to time. It does not infer any authority in the management of Niruddha or interests in the property and assets of Niruddha. Memberships are nontransferable.

Rule and Regulations:

All members agree to abide by Niruddha’s rules and regulations while in the facility. These rules and regulations may change from time to time. Failure to abide by Niruddha’s rules and regulations may result in termination of membership. T-shirts and track pants are expected to be worn in the sessions without any footwear.

Suspension- Terminations:

Niruddha may terminate a membership by notification in writing to the member at the last address shown on Niruddha’s record for the member. The terminated member will be required to promptly return her/his any property of Niruddha. A terminated member will remain liable for all dues and other indebtedness incurred prior to the return of the membership card or prop. At the sole discretion of Niruddha’s management, the membership of any member who is in areas in his/her account may be suspended or terminated. A member in good standing has no outstanding membership dues or Niruddha’s charges over 10days. Uses of Niruddha facilities are available only to members in good standing.


Members accept responsibility for all damage to property, except damage due to ordinary wear or usage. Niruddha shall not be responsible or liable to members and their guests for property damage, lost, or stolen.


The membership will not be cancelled or transferred once taken in any circumstances.

Freezing and Extensions:

The membership can be freeze for minimum period of one month, by paying full term fees in advance, which will be non refundable, non-transferable and non extendable.

There won’t be any extension in any type of membership period in any circumstances.

Membership Agreement:

In attending Niruddha and using its facilities and equipment, I agree that I am doing so at my own risk. Niruddha shall not be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries sustained by me on the premises of Niruddha. I assume full responsibilities for any injuries which may occur to me on the premises of Niruddha. And I release and I discharge Niruddha, its owners, employees and agent for any and all claims resulting from my use of the facilities and equipment of Niruddha. I represent that I am in good physical condition and I have no disability or impairment preventing me from engaging in active or passive exercise or exercise that would be detrimental to my health, safety or physical condition. I agree that I am responsible for any damaged caused by me to the facilities and equipment of Niruddha.

Refund Policy & Fee/ Package changes:

Niruddha will not refund membership fees. Niruddha reserves the right to change fees, dues services and operational procedure without prior notice to the member.

 Fitness release and waiver:

By affixing my signature to this document, I understand and agree that I am legally bound by its contents.

In consideration for my use of Niruddha facilities on a membership basis, I hereby stipulate and agree that:

  1. I realize the risk of cardiovascular exercise, strength and flexibility practices, kriyas or any other practices, and I am fully aware of the possibility of mechanical and/or other malfunctions of any equipment or practices due to negligence of Niruddha centre or otherwise, as well as possibility of injury to me as a result of the use equipment or practice. I therefore understand the serious consequences which might result due to involvement in exercising or practicing at centre of Niruddha premises and based on that understanding, as set forth in this paragraph. I voluntarily assume any and all risk of loss, damage or injury of any kind whatsoever from my use of any and all of the equipment and facility of Niruddha’s centre and further with full knowledge of the consequences (i.e. that I am waiving my right to sue) expressly waive any and all liability on the part of Niruddha, its owner, beneficiaries, staff. Employees and agents from my use of Niruddha centre and its equipment, practices and facilities.
  2. I am physically sound and have medical approval to proceed with a normal routine of exercise. And all exercises shall be undertaken by me at my own risk. I am in good health and have no physical conditions that would be aggravated by my involvement in any practice and exercises, nor do I have any physical limitations would preclude said involvement.
  3. I am forewarned Niruddha will not in any event provide medical and/or hospitalization insurance for my benefit in the event of any injury to my person occurring either as a result of my being on any portion of the premises of Niruddha. I will save harmless and keep indemnified Niruddha and their respective owner, beneficiaries, staff, employees and agents from and against any and/or action claims, costs, expenses or demands. In respect of such injuries, including death, howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with my use of Niruddha centre facilities or my being on any portion of said premises and notwithstanding the same may have contributed to or may be caused by the negligence of Niruddha centre, and its respective owners, beneficiaries, staff, employees and agents.
  4. I will abide by each and every of the Niruddha’s rules and regulations, and I further agree that if I fail to comply, Niruddha and its owners, beneficiaries, staff, employees and agents have the right at any time, in their sole and absolute discretion, to cancel any membership.
  5. I am hereby informed of my option to sign a new release on each date that I use the Niruddha’s facilities. However, I elect to forgo that option, I therefore acknowledge and intend that this release and waiver of rights shall be effective not only on the date/year of, but also on all occasions subsequent here to, when I use Niruddha’s facilities.

General Policies and procedure:

  1. Membership and exercise card are issued to members only and are not to be used by friends or relatives. If found, Niruddha has the authority to take action.
  2. No client or member can use the provided knowledge, facilities and/or property for them by Niruddha to his/her benefit. If found, Niruddha has the authority to take action.
  3. Fees for the services and facilities are subject to change when Niruddha feels the necessity.
  4. No refunds of the amount once paid shall be made in any circumstances.
  5. Niruddha may close for construction or change of facilities.
  6. Member who is aggressive or violates the rules or regulations may be informed and suspended or expelled from the Centre.
  7. Niruddha has the authority to change the hours of operation.
  8. Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the centre and building premises. Niruddha is not liable to any consequences regarding above.
  9. It is mandatory to renew the membership once expired to take advantage of his privileges.
  10. Niruddha and its owners, beneficiaries, staff, employees and agents are not responsible for the lost and found items.
  11. Members must not scream or yell in the premises.
  12. Equipments, props and practices shall be used and done under the instructions and observation of the fitness trainer.
  13. Once finished, place the belongings to their place.
  14. No littering on Niruddha floor or in the whole building premises.
  15. Members are requested to bring and use their own napkins, exercise mat and water bottle during practices and exercising in Niruddha.
  16. No personal belongings or valuables are allowed in Niruddha centre.
  17. Mobile phones are strictly not allowed in Niruddha centre.
  18. No footwear will be allowed in Niruddha premises.
  19. Clients/ student shall produce all details about his/her past and present illness, medication, major injuries and surgical procedures. Complications arising due to non-production of above records even after this, Niruddha and its owners, beneficiaries, staff, employees and agents will not be held responsible.
  20. Clients/ student shall give details about any known allergy to any food stuff, cosmetic and chemicals, care will be taken accordingly to ensure safety, in case of any complications even after this, Niruddha and its owners, beneficiaries, staff, employees and agents will not be held responsible.
  21. Result may vary with each individual, various factors determine the success of treatments and hence no guarantee is given regarding the same.
  22. The data provided or received by the client/ student to Niruddha Yoga and Health Studio e.g. history, health reports, photos, videos ect. will belong to studio only. Studio may use it for their promotion and work purpose.
  23. Utmost care is taken while treating client, in case of any complication arising due to any of the treatments, Niruddha and its owners, beneficiaries, staff, employees and agents will not be held responsible. All treatments are held at client’s own risk.
  24. If any client performs any of our practices or exercises at home or anywhere else or without guidance of the instructor in the premises, he/she will be sole responsible for any damages and injuries, including death.
  25. Niruddha and its owners, beneficiaries, staff, employees and agents cannot be held responsible for any personal loss, or loss of valuables, or damages caused to them during the treatment or client’s stay in centre.
  26. Various assessment and examination, procedures and treatments as may be necessary to assess and treat your condition or injury. And we may provide information on diagnosis, as known, the treatment being suggested, significant risk, benefits of treatment and possible alternatives to this treatment and reasonable additional procedures which may be necessary.
  27. If your declaration in form or in any other data, found false, then Niruddha Yoga and Health Studio reserves all the rights to take legal action against you and produce and publish all the information provided by you to save the image of Niruddha Yoga and Health Studio.

I understand the conditions and information as provided. I promise to follow all the instructions given to me during the time spent in Niruddha.